A great start to the year! Ruby Red Interiors has received a second award from leading interiors platform, Houzz. We're beyond proud!

Karen Robinson in Folkestone, Kent, UK on Houzz


Ruby Red Interiors is delighted to announce that we have won the coveted award 'Best of Houzz' on leading home renovation platform, Houzz. Read the press release here:


A lovely start to the year...Ruby Red Interiors was hand-picked to be featured in an editorial on Houzz, one of the world's largest home renovation platforms. See it here:

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Another great summer for Ruby Red Interiors! We had the honour of being featured in an article by leading children’s furniture website, Babios. Scroll down to article number 10 and enjoy!

Kid’s bedroom interior design ideas: in the eyes of the experts.


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The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

We humans do seem to have a talent for accumulating a bewildering array of junk don’t we! How many times have you taken a step back from your wardrobe, scratched your head and wondered just how it's possible that you don’t have anything to wear despite the fact that your clothes rail is groaning under the weight of unworn garments?

When we think of decluttering our living space, the contents of our garage or loft are usually far from our minds. For example, your loft (if you have one) can say a lot about your overall mindset when it comes to dealing with unwanted or unused objects. After attempting to declutter it, if you're still unable to easily walk from one end to the other without tripping over that ancient computer or stepping on one of the kid's old board games, you know there's still some room for improvement. This alone will give you a good insight into what's likely to happen when you tackle the task of decluttering the interior of your home.

Inside your home

How many books are there on your bookshelf that you'll most likely never read? How many seldom used pots and pans do you have cluttering up those kitchen cupboards? Has the back garden morphed into a rubbish dump without you even noticing?

No doubt some of these scenarios will be familiar to you; general bric-a-brac and household clutter is scarily easy to accumulate but much, much harder to get rid of. Most of the time, the build-up of everyday clothing and household objects seems to almost happen by accident, and then when you take the time to stop and look around, you suddenly find yourself saying "Where on earth did I get all this stuff from?" Hopefully, this will quickly lead you to the next question - "Do I actually need this much stuff?" Quite probably not, but whilst having a good old fashioned clear out seems like a good idea, there are often a few mental obstacles that get in our way and prevent us from decluttering our lives and disposing of the things we no longer have any use for. 

That Nostalgic Feeling

So, why do we hold on to so much stuff and why can’t we help it? You'll probably already know the answer if you take a quick look around the living room of your own home - Aside from the obvious things like family photos and ornamental gifts, you'll probably notice that a lot of the other items are there because they give us a vague sense of nostalgia and sentimentality when we glance at them. Of course, it's understandable (and perfectly natural) to want to hold on to things like family heirlooms or other items that hold cherished memories, but do you really need to keep hold of that tatty old teddy bear you won at the fair many years ago? Could it really be time to consign it to the dustbin?


If you have a lot, the prospect of trawling through all of you old treasure can indeed seem like a daunting task; especially if there's a whole heap of it! Having said that, once you get started, it probably won't seem as bad as you first imagined, and the satisfaction of seeing your newly decluttered home will feel totally worthwhile.


There's no getting around it, having a thorough clear out is going to take time. Most of us lead busy, hectic lives, so finding the time to devote to the task can often be somewhat of a juggling act. It may be worth taking a pragmatic approach and actually scheduling time for it in your diary; perhaps on a free weekend a couple of months in advance. Whilst you may not view this a fun weekend to look forward to, the end result will no doubt significantly improve your living environment.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

If you've heard the expression 'tidy house, tidy mind, you may not be aware that there is actually some sound science behind it. Firstly, once you've dealt with the task at hand, you'll see that there is significantly more space to store the more important things that you'll actually use. The clearer space will seem brighter, airier and will open up your rooms, making them appear much bigger. Secondly, living in a well ordered and less cluttered environment has actually been proven to enhance your sense of mental wellbeing too. In this linked article, Alice Boyes, Ph.D. suggests that decluttering your home can help boost your self-confidence and improve your decision-making skills. She also notes that it's good exercise, a great stress reliever and, if all that wasn't enough, you may even find some long-lost hidden treasures too!

Professional Decluttering Service

Whilst what you've read above can be useful, there are still times when it's a good idea to call in some professional help instead. If you're facing the monumental task of decluttering your home and are not sure where to start or how to approach it, I can help. Whilst most people don't necessarily associate interior designers with a professional decluttering service, the two are actually closely related and intertwined.

I offer two distinct decluttering services and can cast a professional eye over your home. Hiring a neutral, third-party can also be extremely beneficial as I'll almost certainly be able to offer different perspectives and solutions that you may not have already considered. I can either tastefully de-clutter your rooms by removing all unwanted items except furniture, or you can indulge yourself with my declutter and interior design service all rolled into one. You can sit back and relax whilst I provide practical help with your decor, artwork and soft furnishings (including curtains and blinds). Whichever option you choose, your home will be beautifully arranged and ready to enjoy. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more.


This summer has been very eventful for Ruby Red Interiors; not only do we have some exciting new projects in the pipeline but we also made it into the September issue of '25 Beautiful Homes'.

Check out the beautiful interiors of Karen's home, Ruby Red Interiors founder, and learn more about her inspirations, design philosophy and her interior design passion.